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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our staff are dedicated and committed to providing a safe, stimulating warm environment for your children.
Our staff have an excellent working relationship with parents, who are aware of our open door policy-we always make time for them to discuss their Childs day and progress.
We are aware that its hard for parents to leave their precious children which is why we strive to make such a welcoming environment-our parents and children almost feel like family members!


Kate Gray

Kate Gray - Pre-school Manager

Kate is N.N.E.B level 3 qualified for 16 years. She has worked at Kneesall Preschool since 2002 which is why she has such amazing relationships with parents, children and Kneesall Primary School. Alongside working at preschool Kate used to manage ‘Night owls’ after school club at Walesby Primary School which she loved and adored for 10 years, she finished here when Preschool changed its hours to full time.

Kate has an awesome passion making children thrive and laying the foundations for future life and she has a caring warm nurturing nature.

Kate spends her free time making memories with her niece and nephew who she is extremely close to and is a social butterfly that enjoys getting all her friends together for a giggle.


lisa Hood
Lisa Hood - Pre-school Assistant

Lisa is Level 3 C.Y.P.W qualified since 2012. She has worked at Kneesall Preschool since 2008. Lisa has 2 grown up children of her own and realised childcare was the career for her from a young age.

Lisa has a wealth of experience in a range of childcare settings including schools, nurseries and women centres.

Lisa’s passion is easy to see and reflects in her practice and relationships with the children and parents.

Lisa is a huge Stags fan and is a season ticket holder so you will often find her on a Saturday afternoon wearing a yellow scarf and shouting ‘Come on you stags!!!’ When she is not at the football she will usually be walking her beloved dog, Sonny.  


Shephanie Chapman
Stephanie Chapman - Pre-School Assistant

Stephanie has been DCE level 3 qualified since 2006. She has worked in a variety of childcare settings including schools, nurseries and as a nanny in private families.

Stephanie has 2 young children of her own who attended Kneesall preschool and once they started full time school she joined our team. This means she met our staff first and foremost as a parent and loved the warm, caring environment preschool offered her children and how much they thrived and developed.

Stephanie is a valued member of our team who is enthusiastic and dedicated to bringing out the potential in your children.

When we asked Stephanie what she enjoyed doing with her free time she laughed ‘What free time????’ When she finally recovered from laughing she told us she enjoyed baking and decorating fancy cakes and spending time with her family and going on hot sunny holidays.


All of our staff have a variety of qualifications including:

First aid

Food hygiene


and continue to progress in their professional development.

We welcome everyone to come and meet our friendly team


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